Best Emotional Friendship Day SMS Quotes in Hindi English 2016

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Friendship Day Quotes and wishes: Happy Friendship Day to every one. Friends are valuable gifts given by the god to us. Without friends we can not enjoy our life. Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August Month. This year 2016 we celebrate Friendship Day on August 7th 2016. August 7th is the first Sunday of August month on this day we celebrate Friendship Day. We enjoy friendship day with friends by giving gifts to every friend. The strongest relation in this world is Friendship. We like to share our secrets, happiness and sadness to our friends. We chit chat with our friends every day. So share these Happy Friendship Day SMS Quotes For Whatsapp and Facebook to share with Friends.  Also these are some Best Emotional Friendship Day SMS Quotes for all the serious friends you can't live without!!

Happy Friendship Day SMS in Hindi Language

Friendship Day SMS Quotes in Hindi and English with Images :

Here we have gathered the best and famous quotes and poems for friendship day. Not only the quotes for friendship day here we have also collected the best friendship day quotes to send our friends wh stays long and far enough fro us.

Friendship Day Quotes and poems as SMS in English with Images:

A little more WE and a little less I.
Each friend represents a world in us,
Support That Helps Us Get Through
Tough Times, To Make A Friend
Friendship Day Quotes
Friendship Day Quotes

Friendship is a little more trust,
But They Provide The Strength And
a world possibly not born until they arrive, 
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

The pain we feel when someone 
leaves our life is in direct proportion 
smile & tear. Rarely they r seen together but when they r together,
its 1 of D best moment in life

Not Sure What to do on Friendship Day? Check these 15 activities to do on friendship Day 2016

Friendship Day SMS Wishes in Hindi:

In Hindi :

Mere Saamne na chalo, mein peeche nahi aasakunga,
Mere peeche math aao, mein tumhe kahi bhi nai pahunchaunga,
Bas ! Mere saath chalo aur Dosth banke raho!!

You know who is best couple in the world
to the joy they bring while a part of our life for a few moments. 
In my life you made me feel as if I truly meant something to someone
Friendship Day Wishes
Friendship Day Wishes

Dosti bahut zaroori cheez he zindagi mein, Jaise ki Khaana, Peena aur Khelna !!

Dosti..!!Dosthi kabhi school mein nahi sikhaathe he,
Woh bhaavna ko hume apne aap samajhna chahiye
Happy Friendship day to you friend!!

These are the best Friendship Day Quotes, poems and Famous Friendship Day Wishes to send our friends on this Friendship Day.

                HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY...!!!!

Best Funny Friendship Day 2016 Funny Quotes for Facebook Status

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Friendship Day 2016 Funny Quotes: Friendship Day 2016 is on August 7th. From past many years Friendship is celebrated on first Sunday if the August month. This year first Sunday of August is o August 7th 2016. Many people who plan one week before the friendship how to enjoy friendship day with friends. Many friends go outing with their friends and many people go movies, pubs and malls on every Friendship Day. Not only the children's and elder one's celebrate friendship day old people also celebrate friendship day. Friends are the sweetest gift given by the god. Below are some collection you can share on post on Facebook, Twitter and also share these images with your friends and show them your funny side with these Best Funny Friendship Day 2016 Quotes SMS Images


Friendship Day 2016 Funny Quotes:

On August 7th 2016 is friendship day. Here we have gathered all the funny quotes and Funny messages on Friendship Day 2016. This Funny quotes and Funny Messages are the best and top messages. We can send this funny friendship day messages and Funny Friendship Day Quotes to our close friends.

Friendship Day 2016 Funny Quotes:

I can Forget a face
Forget a place
Forget a name
Forget a game
but I can not forget you
you are my best buddy in my life

Friendship day funny quotes
Friendship day funny quotes

I'm Greatful to every my friend
Because u make my life colourful
HAPPY Friendship Day..

Friendship is a priceless
Friendship is a gold
Friendship is Sweetest
Friendship is the gods gift

Friendship is an beautiful art
in which we can express every thing
to our friends
Friendship Day Funny Messages
Friendship Day Funny Messages
Friendship has no language
Friendship is a revelation
Happy friendship day

We Trust only one thing in our life
We trust friendship
We trust our friendship

Friendship is the LIFE
Friendship has no Expiry Date


Never let your friends feel lonely
Keep Disturbing them all the time
Happy Friendship Day

This are the best and top Friendship Day funny quotes and Friendship Day funny Messages. Happy Friendship Day.

Friendship Day 2016 Status Updates for Whatsapp, Facebook, FB

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Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp and Facebook : Happy Friendship Day 2016. This Year Friendship Day is on August 7th 2016. Every Year Friendship Day is celebrated on First Sunday in August month. In this year 2016 friendship day is on August 7th. August 7th is the first sunday in August month. Their is no age limit to celebrate Friendship day. All kind of people have their close friends they share every thing to Friends any where and any time. Student's enjoy a lot on this friendship. They go for outing with all their close friends enjoy a lot. And tie friendship band to every one.


Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp and Facebook:

We all remember that August first Sunday is Friendship day. Many people plan one week before how to enjoy Friendship Day with their friends. In our older post we have gathered how to celebrate friendship day with friends. And in this post we are showing t he best whatsapp status to keep in our profile on  this Friendship Day 2016.

Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp and Facebook:

It is easy to sacrifies our life for friend
But is hard to find those kind of friends

Life is like a long Journy
If we meet good Friends
Then we can go very easy to our destination

Friendship Day Quotes
Friendship Day Quotes

Dreams are the way to our life
Trust is the main reason for our wish
Sharing Happiness and Sadness to friends
Keeps our friendship bond strong

Their is one beautiful heart life
Their is one heart
Their is one love
Their is one friend like you
You are the best friend in my life

For every smile their is sad
For every silent their is a talk
but for every smile of me their is you
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day funny Quotes
Friendship Day funny Quotes

In this Big Universe their
Is only ne best friendllike you
Happy Friendship Day

Love is a dream
Marriage is a wish
But friendship is life
Happy Friendship Day 

Life is like a book
In this book i like your friendship
Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day 2016. This are the best and top friendship Quotes. We can send this Friendship Day status messages updates Quotes to our friends on this Friendship Day 2016 on Whatsapp and Facebook.

Friendship Day 2016 140 Character Short SMS Messages for Twitter Tweets, Status

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Happy Friendship Day 2016 SMS and Messages:   Friendship Day 2016 is on August 7th. Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world. Friendship Day is Celebrated every year on first Sunday of August month. Friendship is the strongest and sweetest relationship in the universe. Their are some things we can not share to our parents but their is no such a thing we can share every moment in our life with our friends. This is the reason we all like to celebrate friendship day. From many years friendship day is celebrated all over the world. Children's on friendship day enjoy a lot. They tie friendship band to all their friends. Not only the children's elder and older people also like to celebrate friendship day with their friends. Though we want to share our love for friends on social media, some websites like twitter only allow 140 characters to be typed. So, we have gathered a collection of Short SMS that are of 140 Characters that you can post free and send direct SMS without paying an extra penny for an extra page.


Happy Friendship Day 2016 140 Character Short SMS Messages for Twitter Tweets, Status, Direct messages:

Here we are showing some of the best and top 140 character Short and Sweet Friendship Day Messages and Friendship Day SMS on this Friendship Day to share on Twitter Tweets and FB Status posts and Direct messages. We can send this Friendship Day Messages and Friendship Day SMS to our friends on Friendship Day as Friendship Day Wishes.

Friendship Day 2016 SMS and Messages:

School Life is Up to 10th
College Life is Until we study
Love life is up to Marriage
Friendship life is Until Feb 30th

A man should keep his friendships in constant repair.
If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life,
You listen to my problems

The miracle is to make one friend lady luck is
every time we make friends heart are taken to understand every thing

Making a million Friends is not a Miracle
Every time
A friend is some one
Who knows all about you

Friendship Day Quotes
Friendship Day Quotes

Who will stand by you
In every moment of happiness has been hurt
do so friend found lady luck ones are such 

Best Gift is life
Best Felling is Love
Best Relation is Friendship
I am the best person
And u r the Best Friend

he will soon find himself alone.
When you come for tea
And sort them out for me
You're a friend, my companion
Friendship Day Messages
Friendship Day Messages

We are Best Friends
We are Monkeys
We are rain drops in a rain
We are fishes in a lake
Finally we are Best friends
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship is Sweetest than Honey
Friendship is coll than moon
Friendship is hot than Sun
Happy Friendship Day..

These are the best and top messages and Sms we can send to our friends. In this we have gathered some best quotes we can send to our friends and Neighbour on friendship Day 2016 as Friendship Day wishes.

15 Best Activities do with your Friends on Friendship Day!!

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What to Do on Friendship Day?

Things to do on Friendship day

How to spend time on Friendship Day?

15 things/Activities you should do with your friends for friendship day : Friendship Day is an event celebrated annually by the whole world but varies in dates from country to country. The Inaugural Friendship Day was first founded by Hallmark in the year 1919. Celebrating of Friendship day was decided by the US CONGRESS and declared it as a faithful day in the importance of friends and Friendship in the  year 1935. Virtually we doesn't know the history behind to dedicate this day for friendship Day. 1919 is World War time and that may be reason to announce a day that symbolized friendship and honor because that is very important in crucial times. But 2016 is no World War, and this hip era, there are a ton of things you can do with your mates that will be some quality time together. Here are the 15 activities to do with Friends on Friendship Day.

15 things and Activities you should do with your friends on friendship day :

Friendship Day is officially declared on the 1st Sunday of August month every year. So, it is on August 7th, 2016. The main reason to declare it on a Sunday is to have a holiday to spend time with friends without disturbing the day-day schedule. So, Let's get friendly, Shall We?

Getting in Touch with Old mates

Nothing is better than seeing an Old friend from the past and talking to him. Arrange gatherings to meet all of your friends.

Do what you do best

Get drunk and dance !! What else?

Get to the outskirts 

Go for a long drive and keep the adventure levels high by making it unplanned.

Back to High School

High School is the place where puberty begins with new friendships. Most of the long term friendships begin at High school. Meet your school mates.

Gifts Everyone !!If you are rich enough

Somewhere deep in the world, there would be a rich gang of Friends or everyone in the world has a best friend. Get that fool a gift to tell they're worth it!Gift me if you don't have a best friend.

Put up that friendship bands and bracelets Girls

A simple band that says Happy Friendship day 2016 says it all. Get a bunch and go crazy!

Go the Traditional Way

Cut a cake with all your best buddies if you like to stay indoors for some reason.

Send an E-card

Not every friend lives close by, and E-cards are the best way to wish those long-distance friends. Post a card through post or mail and E-card.

Nothing is better than a Group Selfie

Just get together into a frame and click something special and memorable.

More gifts

Gift Jewellery if is she is a girl or that special friend who made you friend zoned last week!!

Video call for Elderly people

People get old and weak, but there is one thing that will keep them up and running and that is the their old friends and mates. If you have an elderly person who's always alone, try to find their friends and Skype.

Spend the Day with Parents

Nothing can be better than an evening with our Friendly parents.

Spend the Day with siblings and cousins 

Siblings and Cousins make a great way of Entertainment and they truly are Family friends.

These are some of the things you can do on Friendship Day. Ideas are a lot, all that matters is the time you are spending with your friends. You can also share quotes, get a Whatsapp and FB status that will tell about your Friends and YOU.