Friendship Day 2016 140 Character Short SMS Messages for Twitter Tweets, Status

Happy Friendship Day 2016 SMS and Messages:   Friendship Day 2016 is on August 7th. Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world. Friendship Day is Celebrated every year on first Sunday of August month. Friendship is the strongest and sweetest relationship in the universe. Their are some things we can not share to our parents but their is no such a thing we can share every moment in our life with our friends. This is the reason we all like to celebrate friendship day. From many years friendship day is celebrated all over the world. Children's on friendship day enjoy a lot. They tie friendship band to all their friends. Not only the children's elder and older people also like to celebrate friendship day with their friends. Though we want to share our love for friends on social media, some websites like twitter only allow 140 characters to be typed. So, we have gathered a collection of Short SMS that are of 140 Characters that you can post free and send direct SMS without paying an extra penny for an extra page.


Happy Friendship Day 2016 140 Character Short SMS Messages for Twitter Tweets, Status, Direct messages:

Here we are showing some of the best and top 140 character Short and Sweet Friendship Day Messages and Friendship Day SMS on this Friendship Day to share on Twitter Tweets and FB Status posts and Direct messages. We can send this Friendship Day Messages and Friendship Day SMS to our friends on Friendship Day as Friendship Day Wishes.

Friendship Day 2016 SMS and Messages:

School Life is Up to 10th
College Life is Until we study
Love life is up to Marriage
Friendship life is Until Feb 30th

A man should keep his friendships in constant repair.
If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life,
You listen to my problems

The miracle is to make one friend lady luck is
every time we make friends heart are taken to understand every thing

Making a million Friends is not a Miracle
Every time
A friend is some one
Who knows all about you

Friendship Day Quotes
Friendship Day Quotes

Who will stand by you
In every moment of happiness has been hurt
do so friend found lady luck ones are such 

Best Gift is life
Best Felling is Love
Best Relation is Friendship
I am the best person
And u r the Best Friend

he will soon find himself alone.
When you come for tea
And sort them out for me
You're a friend, my companion
Friendship Day Messages
Friendship Day Messages

We are Best Friends
We are Monkeys
We are rain drops in a rain
We are fishes in a lake
Finally we are Best friends
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship is Sweetest than Honey
Friendship is coll than moon
Friendship is hot than Sun
Happy Friendship Day..

These are the best and top messages and Sms we can send to our friends. In this we have gathered some best quotes we can send to our friends and Neighbour on friendship Day 2016 as Friendship Day wishes.

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