15 Best Activities do with your Friends on Friendship Day!!

What to Do on Friendship Day?

Things to do on Friendship day

How to spend time on Friendship Day?

15 things/Activities you should do with your friends for friendship day : Friendship Day is an event celebrated annually by the whole world but varies in dates from country to country. The Inaugural Friendship Day was first founded by Hallmark in the year 1919. Celebrating of Friendship day was decided by the US CONGRESS and declared it as a faithful day in the importance of friends and Friendship in the  year 1935. Virtually we doesn't know the history behind to dedicate this day for friendship Day. 1919 is World War time and that may be reason to announce a day that symbolized friendship and honor because that is very important in crucial times. But 2016 is no World War, and this hip era, there are a ton of things you can do with your mates that will be some quality time together. Here are the 15 activities to do with Friends on Friendship Day.

15 things and Activities you should do with your friends on friendship day :

Friendship Day is officially declared on the 1st Sunday of August month every year. So, it is on August 7th, 2016. The main reason to declare it on a Sunday is to have a holiday to spend time with friends without disturbing the day-day schedule. So, Let's get friendly, Shall We?

Getting in Touch with Old mates

Nothing is better than seeing an Old friend from the past and talking to him. Arrange gatherings to meet all of your friends.

Do what you do best

Get drunk and dance !! What else?

Get to the outskirts 

Go for a long drive and keep the adventure levels high by making it unplanned.

Back to High School

High School is the place where puberty begins with new friendships. Most of the long term friendships begin at High school. Meet your school mates.

Gifts Everyone !!If you are rich enough

Somewhere deep in the world, there would be a rich gang of Friends or everyone in the world has a best friend. Get that fool a gift to tell they're worth it!Gift me if you don't have a best friend.

Put up that friendship bands and bracelets Girls

A simple band that says Happy Friendship day 2016 says it all. Get a bunch and go crazy!

Go the Traditional Way

Cut a cake with all your best buddies if you like to stay indoors for some reason.

Send an E-card

Not every friend lives close by, and E-cards are the best way to wish those long-distance friends. Post a card through post or mail and E-card.

Nothing is better than a Group Selfie

Just get together into a frame and click something special and memorable.

More gifts

Gift Jewellery if is she is a girl or that special friend who made you friend zoned last week!!

Video call for Elderly people

People get old and weak, but there is one thing that will keep them up and running and that is the their old friends and mates. If you have an elderly person who's always alone, try to find their friends and Skype.

Spend the Day with Parents

Nothing can be better than an evening with our Friendly parents.

Spend the Day with siblings and cousins 

Siblings and Cousins make a great way of Entertainment and they truly are Family friends.

These are some of the things you can do on Friendship Day. Ideas are a lot, all that matters is the time you are spending with your friends. You can also share quotes, get a Whatsapp and FB status that will tell about your Friends and YOU.